My Amazon favorites


This shampoo has been my favorite shampoo that I use all the time in the winter because my hair gets so dried out.  I occasionally have found myself using it in the summer too.  It’s a pricey shampoo and conditioner combo so I use a different type for my daily and try to use this kind like two to three times a week.  This is the larger size and is Amazon’s ‘choice.’  There is a smaller size that I use when I travel because it makes it easier to open and close for travel purposes.


This is my favorite shampoo and conditioner set for the summer time because I feel like it really hydrates my hair.  I spend a lot of time in the sun and pool and I feel like my hair really gets dried out.  Another bonus to this set is how great it smells!! 🙂

Omega + Anti-frizz oil

This product is by far super AMAZING for the summer and the humidity.  I live in south Texas and it gets up to 100 here and I find my hair getting super frizzy due to the heat and humidity.  I started using this product a few months ago and just LOVE IT!  I don’t feel like it makes my hair super oily or look weighed down.


I have been using this product for a few years now when I straighten or curl my hair.  I feel like it really is a really great heat protectant for your hair.  After I blow dry my hair I spray this sparingly throughout my hair prior to using my straightener or curling iron.


OMG!!!  This is by FAR one of my faves.  I use these all the time!!!  I actually put them in my fridge because they feel so soothing when I put them on when they’re cold.  Whenever I travel I always bring these along.  Most people do not realize how dehydrated you get by just traveling.  I’ll wear these on the plane or even in the car on a long drive.  They are great for keeping your under eyes super hydrated and glowing.


I have always used the luxury collagen eye mask but just purchased the gold eye treatment mask.  These are another of Amazon’s ‘choice’ and I’m super excited to try them. 🙂


Are you a lover of tea?  I sure am when it comes to a nighttime routine.  I have been drinking this tea nightly for about six months now.  I prefer to buy in bulk with this tea because I seriously drink it every night.  It is such a calming effect as well as I have noticed it help with my sinuses.  I have always struggled with seasonal allergies and have noticed a difference at night when I drink this before bed.