Glow Pro microneedling regeneration tool

Hi friends!  I just wanted to share a beauty post with you all since I haven’t done one in a while.  For the past three months now I have been using this GlowPro microneedling tool at night after cleansing my face.  I try to use it twice a week, but sometimes I only get around to using it once a week.  After cleansing, I rub this tool horizontally, vertically, and diagonally over my cheeks, forehead, chin or T-zone for about one minute.  Then I use this growth factor serum which I feel really is better absorbed into my skin after using this tool!  The GlowPro tool is too harsh for my skin to use more than twice a week.  And just a heads up it is a little uncomfortable on the forehead the first few times you use it.

GlowPRO microneedling tool

Growth factor serum: ZO SKIN HEALTH

Necklace: Shashi

Ring on index finger: Shashi

Ring on ring finger: Amazon

Pajama set: Target

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