Eyelash serum

Hi friends!!  I’ve been meaning to share with you all this eyelash serum from Rodan & Fields that I have been using nightly for almost a year.  I got it for Mother’s Day and noticed a HUGE difference about three months after I used it regularly.  It made my current lashes longer and made me grow new lashes to have a fuller look.  When I first began using it my husband would say (when I didn’t have my makeup on), “Honey aren’t you going to take your mascara off before going to bed?”  He would say that because he knows how I am with my nightly routine of washing my face and I’d of course inform him that I had already done that and this is how my real lashes are!  I will say it is pricey, but this small tube lasts me at least 3-4 months.  In the beginning I used it every single night.  Now, I use it about 3-4 times a night to keep the length, strength, and volume of lashes.  Before bed I always use these Neutrogena makeup remover wipes before washing my face.  They are super easy and remove all of my makeup.  I don’t use waterproof mascara though, so I’m not sure of how good they are with waterproof mascara.

I have also never had fake lashes applied to my own lashes.  I always worried that over time they would do damage to my real lashes.

How to apply:  I use the Neutrogena wipes, then wash my face with a cleanser and towel dry.  Then I apply the serum ONLY to my top eyelid line the same way you would if you were to apply eyeliner.  Allow it to dry and then I apply my under eye cream.


Eyelash Serum:  Rodan & Fields

Makeup Remover wipes:  Neutrogena

No slip headwraps:  Scunci

Scrunchie:  Slip

Robe $35:  Victoria’s Secret

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